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FIVE YEAR WARRANTY: American Deck Inc. is proud of the quality and workmanship of the project it has built for you. Much time and effort have been invested in the structural design and actual construction of your project enabling American Deck Inc. to provide this warranty to you. American Deck Inc. will repair or replace any natural wood portion of your deck or screened enclosure structure, which has proven to be defective in structural integrity within five years from the contract date. American Deck Inc. will not be responsible for any manufactured product defects or warranty claims. American Deck Inc. will not be Responsible for any asserted defect which has resulted from normal wear, misuse, abuse or repair or alteration made by anyone other than an authorized American Deck Inc. representative.

Specifically, normal wear includes but is not limited to maintenance issues such as wood color, wood warping and wood shrinkage which can all be prevented / minimized by the customer / owner. Misuse includes load issues such as adding a hot tub, roof, grill, fire pit, etc. to a part of the structure that was not designed to support that load / usage and was not specifically called for on the original contract. Under no circumstances will American Deck Inc. accept responsibility for a maintenance issue or liability for incidental or consequential damages or injury resulting from a warranty issue.

This warranty is American Deck Inc.ís sole warranty and sets forth the customerís exclusive remedy.


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  Customer Testimonial
Bethesda deck imageSean was chosen to do my project because he presented himself very professionally. It was evident from his portfolio of pictures, his knowledge and samples that I was dealing with someone/a company that is dedicated to making quality decks at a competitive price. Some companies quoted less, but I feel I got what I paid for and that is mainly no headaches.

The workers did a great job- no shortcuts were taken and any issues were taken care without hesitation. Of all types of contractor work I have ever done on my home, I am most happy with American Deck-no lingering problems and the salesman were great.
F. Giacomini
Bethesda, MD
Decks in BethesdaMany years of experience as a professional deck and sunroom contractor underscores my belief in the importance of family and the family home. My hope with every outdoor living project is to bring the family together enjoying nature and one another.
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